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Jacquie Hughes

Mediums: Jewelry, Fabric Arts, Painting

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I have been on a constant and steady journey to find who I am as an artist. I am comfortable not having all of the answers but knowing what is important to me in my art.  

My art, like my life, has always been whimsical, playful, and light. I live in a land of bright colors, sparkle, textures and joy, and my art reflects this.

I am inspired and influenced by so many amazing artists and my desire to learn and grow has and will never stop.

My scenes and topics change like the seasons, but my core always remains the same. 

Endless curiosity has lead me to sketching, painting, sculpting, beading, metal arts, felting, sewing, graphic design, animation... you name it; I have tried it.

I am not tied to one genre, nor do I want to be. I embrace it all.

I was introduced to art at a young age and found myself doodling more in school than anything else. Although I have achieved a successful career in Human Resources to support my family, art has always been a driving force and a happy place throughout my life.

When I became a mother, it became even more important for me to push more towards my true passions. I have since dedicated more focused time to learning and sharing my gifts in the arts with adults and children. Most recently, I published a children's book called, "Lizzy & Snart - The Adventures of the Magical Potion".  I wrote and illustrated this book, and it was a lifelong dream for me to accomplish this. I am looking forward to writing more.  

Currently, I live in a country setting with my husband and daughter, in a lovely home with beautiful English gardens and fluffy animals. 

You can see more of my art on my websites:



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