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Dan Hodgkinson

Staff Instructor | Mediums: Ceramics

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As a freshman at Palos Verdes High School, I was crushed to learn that the Intermediate Cabinet Making class was filled and as an alternative I would have to enroll in something called “Beginning Ceramics.” After the tedium of first day explanations of cleaning routines, class-tasks, and what I was to learn was an exceedingly strict “student-at-work” policy, Mr. Rousch, the teacher, started performing demonstrations. That is how I still think of them to this day - as performances. Each day he would take an often moldy ball of brownish clay, perform some magic, and end up with a vase, a jar, a mug, a teapot. I was impressed and amazed and hooked for life. I arranged to have Ceramics at least one period a day and I would often attend after school workshops. I was particularly taken with the physicality of the wheel and the focus needed to perform that type of magic. 

After four years of taking Ceramics in High School, I went to college and ended up studying English Literature and Economics. There was no ceramics program at the school I attended—UC Irvine. I graduated with degrees in English and Social Science/Economics and decided to become a teacher. I entered a teaching credential program and quickly earned my credential and an MA in English Literature. I have been teaching High School and Middle School English Language Arts, History, and Economics ever since. 

My life and education has been primarily as a teacher, and I strive to bring that experience to the Fallbrook School of the Arts, where my goals for my students are always skill-based. Learning to make something from nothing is powerful. Whether it’s a mug, a bowl, a platter, a teapot, I want to teach my students that type of magic.

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