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Richard McDonnell

Mediums: Ceramics

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I took my first ceramics class as a freshman at Palomar Junior College in 1964. After one class, I became an art major and continued ceramics as my main interest. I was hired as Palomar’s first paid lab assistant. Loaded and fired all the class work for the college. Transferred to Colorado State and continued ceramics and art major. Transferred to California State College at Long Beach and was a lab tech in the work study program and formulated, mixed, and recycled all the clay for the professors and the students at the college. Built several kilns for myself and others; hired by Palomar College to build huge “big Bertha” kiln. Inside is 6 feet deep by 5 feet wide by 5 ½ feet tall. Built as a large down draft kiln and is still in use today with a new door and updated safety equipment. Worked as a production potter for two companies throwing pots, mostly large planters at Clay Vine Pottery. Built kiln and studio in San Marcos and worked as a studio potter selling mostly in street fairs and some gallery shows. Built a number of high fire kilns. Was hired by Palomar to teach several classes at Fallbrook High in ceramics and in kiln building. Over the years would build several studios and sell in fairs, galleries, and shows. Was the lab tech for several Palomar classes at the Fallbrook School of the Arts. For the last few years I have been the TA for several classes at Palomar on Tuesday/Thursday for ceramic sculpture, hand building, and ceramics I, II, and III. Mostly teaching throwing on the potter’s wheel. Have built potter’s wheel from parts. Have been doing ceramics for over 40 years


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